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philippine wedding photography at its best!

‍‍‍Planning to get married in the Philippines?  Then you've come to the right site :).  Benjamin Young III Photography is a fine art wedding photographer whose company is based in Davao City, Philippines and has a booking office in Metro Manila as well for his Luzon clients which these clients will no longer have to pay for his airfare and hotel when the wedding is held in Metro Manila.  Ben is also available to shoot outside of the Philippines as destination weddings and engagement sessions are becoming really popular nowadays.

Ben together with his team of creative professional photographers and videographers will work on your wedding day as creative and unique as possible making sure that they capture everything that makes your wedding story unique and different; after all, what makes your wedding story different from the rest of the other brides that got married, is how your wedding photographer documented your wedding.  

Make no mistake about it, Ben will be discussing with you all the necessary details prior to your wedding and that he will be there to personally photograph the wedding with his team;  unlike other studios where you wont know who your photographer will be on the day.  Ben will personally oversee the editing and album design process making sure that whatever you see on his samples exceeds what you will received.  This is important to Ben, since this will be the only memory that you will have after the wedding is done and should last for generations to come.



Most couples do not want to have their engagement session shoot because for some, its just added cost or its time consuming or worst its too "cheesesy"; thats totally and completely understandable but what most couples do not know is that it is very important to have one and here's the following reason why.

Think of this engagement shoot as a preview or dry run before a big event, this is the best time to get to know your photographer and vice versa, what the couples do and don't want, which angle do they look good and its this time were the couples get a chance to know more about posing; thus giving the couple confidence on how they will look and be more natural infront of the camera.

Another advantage of doing engagement shoot is the variety of additional images you will received from it, creating another set of prints to be displayed at your home aside from the usual altar wedding images that you normally see.  With the added images, you can also have a simple AVP to be presented during the reception for your guest to see and showcase those images that you guys worked hard for.

Engagement shoots can be done locally in the Philippines or overseas, wherever your budget will take you :).

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Philippine Wedding Photography at its finest.  Benjamin Young III Photography and Team's main goal is to not only provide you with a great wedding story thru photographs but with their artistic use of lighting and posing your images mimics those came out from a magazine shoot.

Engagement session shouldn't be just standing around looking straight at the came‍‍‍ra; ‍‍‍it should be more artistic, stylish and full of love.  This is also the best time where the couple gets to know more about how the photographer works and what the couple would like and don't.

wedding cake with couple dancing with kiss shot by Benjamin Young III
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Are you getting married in the Philippines and looking for a photographer to just capture your wedding? or Are you looking for a unique photographer to document your once in a lifetime event in the most creative and stylish way possible?   If photography is one of the most important thing to you and you know that after everything is done, cakes and food are eaten, all petals from your expensive bouquet are separated from their stems, your expensive wedding gown and shoes are back inside its respective boxes waiting when you will wear it again; the only memory that you have from your unique wedding is your wedding images and albums.  Well YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!  I cannot promise you the moon and the stars in wedding photography but I will ensure that images coming out of my camera and the products we offer that you and your family will cherish for the years and generations to come.  If you could spend a little bit of your precious time scrolling down and I will let my images speak for myself, I know you will not regret it.  If you like what you see and want to know more about how WE can work together to create those memories last a lifetime, please click HERE.  I am looking forward in meeting you both.‍‍‍